Ramberger Memories, early 1900s

Daniel Edgar Ramberger Family Standing, back row: William Clarence, Annie Elizabeth, Mazie Ida Sitting: Edgar, Mary Eva (Snyder) Ramberger Front Row: Jennie Mabel, Laura Alvena, Katie Irene


Ramberger Farm Picture, around 1908

The quality of the photo is pretty bad, but I think the first woman on the left is Mary Eva Ramberger. The boy all the way to the right looks like William C. Ramberger to me. Considering he was born in 1900 I would guess this photo was taken around 1908. Possibly the baby Mary Eva is holding is daughter Katie who was born in July 1907. I have some guesses about a few of the others but am not sure. Notice the horse-drawn buggy looks a lot like modern Amish buggies.

Winter Scene. Probably one of the Ramberger girls sledding on their farm. This is the same barn as in the above photo.

Daniel Klinger Ramberger and Fromena Brown Ramberger


Daniel Klinger Ramberger and Fromena Brown Ramberger


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2 Responses to Ramberger Memories, early 1900s

  1. Chris Hipple says:

    Steve, the 2nd picture you estimate to be around 1908 I believe my great-grandparents Katie and Francis Schadel are in. Katie is in the middle with a loose white dress on, she is probably expecting my grandmother Bessie Schadel Bowman, born Jul 13 1908. Katie’s mother and father-in-law are to the left of her in the picture, Catherine (Brown) and James Monroe Schadel. Katie’s husband Francis Schadel, Bessie’s father, is laying down in front of his parents.

    The Schadels were next door neighbors to the Rambergers, Catherine Brown Schadel was sister to Fromena Brown Erdman Klinger, pictured in your last picture in this post. Catherine was almost 20 years younger than Fromena, Fromena being the oldest, Catherine being the youngest. So I can see why the Schadels moved next door to the Rambergers, they had family for neighbors!

    Thanks for posting this picture, I have not seen it before. Where did you find it?

    Thanks for all you do for our Mahantongo heritage!

    Chris Hipple

  2. David Bixler says:

    Just happened to find this website.
    This is pretty awesome! Seeing pictures of my grandfather (William C. Ramberger) and my great-grandfather (Edgar Ramberger). Thanks for posting.

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