Stein’s School

Stein's School as seen for many years surrounded by trees. the school building has been converted to a storage shed.


In 2012 the trees were removed but the weathered building remains standing as a landmark. Stein's School is south of the old Stein's Hotel, below the Rough and Ready Church.


Stein's School, Nov 6, 1924

First row: Guy Knorr, Franklin Sherry, William Wolfgang, John Snyder, William Bressler

Second Row: William Deitz, Darvin Feger, Clifford Maurer, Elwood Rothermel, Marlin Snyder, Marlin Deitz, Raymond Erdman, Whalen Minnich

Third Row: Whalen Snyder, Mazie Feger, Lila Reed, Earl Minnich, Dorothy Ramberger (sister to Laura Ramberger), Dorothy Rothermel, Lillian Shadel, Violet Reed

Fourth Row: Marlin Maurer, Elda Wolfgang, Irene Reed, Laura Ramberger (Jeanne Adams’ grandma), Gertie Erdman, Myrtle Minnich, Helen Rothermel, Mazie Shadel

Fifth Row: Teacher Clarence Fetterolf, Gertie Wolfgang, Alcice Snyder, Evelyn Fetter, Lucille Snyder, Mae Haas, Iva Wolfgang, Twins Edna and Jennie Rothermel.

Jeanne Adams: “Grandma had the list of names with her picture.”




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  1. Ann Batdorf says:

    I was looking on the web for information about my Dad, William Bressler who was originally from the Mahantongo Valley. Imagine my surprise when I seem him in the Steins school picture of 1924! I have very limited information about his family- I know his mothers name was originally Sarah Oswald, then she married a Sherry with which she had several children- the one I know of was John and his wife Ruby. I know nothing of my grandfather Bressler. If someone could please email me with more information I will be eternally grateful!

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